[8A-202]CAD/CAM实训室1(CAD/CAM Training Room 1)

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 The training room was founded in March, 2017. There are 60 computers from Tsinghua Tongfang model, a teaching integrated machine with 70 inch infrared touch screen, 45 sets of 3D aided manufacturing software from SolidCAM ltd., which can accommodate 60 students to the training at the same time.

 The training missions in the room, including the following programs: the theoretical and practical teaching at the aspects of CAD/CAM, mechanical drawing, Pro/E application and product design, CAXA, Solidworks, UG application and product design, Matlab and design of computer program curriculum, etc..

 There are 3 senior technicians, 5 technicians in the training room. The condition of the room not only can meet the needs of training for relative curriculum of intermediate worker, senior worker, technicians in campus, but also meet the needs of different design curriculum training, as well as provide a good service at the aspect of design for the local enterprises.

 The computers and a number of CAD/CAM software in the training room, not only can develop the teaching for advanced manufacturing and design curriculum, benefit the activity of innovation and entrepreneurship in campus, benefit the science research for the teachers and students, as well as to support the local enterprises for their new technology research and development.

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